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Friday, 21 December 2018 00:00

World Animal Net Launches New International Policy Resource

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World Animal Net has launched a new tool to track the growing world of international policy as it relates to animals.

One of the most rapidly changing and critical areas in the animal protection world is the international policy environment. Animal welfare science has increased understanding of animal welfare and behavior and confirmed that animals are sentient beings who experience consciousness, feelings, emotions, and perceptions.

developing an advocacy strategyAs this body of knowledge grows, so does the political importance of animal welfare and protection. Not only debated in regional and international policy forums, animal welfare is also covered by a fast-growing body of internationally and regionally accepted science-based standards, conventions, treaties, regulations, directives, and agreements.

World Animal Net has now launched a new resource of the key international agencies and policymaking bodies whose work overlaps with various aspects of animal welfare, and which can be useful when advocating for improved policies for animals both regionally and internationally.

This resource is intended as a guide for advocacy strategy development and outlines key international agencies and policymaking bodies whose work affects animal welfare, together with WAN’s notes on current advocacy efforts and future advocacy possibilities.

There are several ways to browse this database: by the location of the organization's headquarters, the location of their work, by area of issue focus (i.e. farm animals, wildlife, etc.), or by organization type (i.e. international financial institution, non-governmental organization, etc.). Or, you can view a list of all the organizations in the database.

Each organization has a full profile, including where they are headquartered, their website, a description and detailed summary of their work, what type of organization they are, the issues they cover, and opportunities for advocacy. As mentioned above, the database is browsable by multiple filters. World Animal Net has gone to lengths to ensure that the database is not only cross-functional but that information is easy to find.

World Animal Net has launched this tool with the hopes that it will give animal welfare advocates yet another tool to develop strategy, guide advocates towards future opportunities, and improve accessibility and understanding of the large body of international agencies and policymaking bodies. Currently, there are 32 organizations included, and WAN will continue to update this database. You can access this new resource by clicking here.

Don’t forget about WAN’s other resources as well, such as the Strategy Advocacy Course, the Model Animal Welfare Act, and information about developing Humane Education programs and collaborative ways of working, such as coalitions, networks and federations.

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Sasha Gesmer

Sasha is the Communications Coordinator at World Animal Net. She received a bachelors from St. John's College in MD, with a double major in Philosophy and the History of Math and Science, and a double minor in Classics and Comparative Literature. Before starting at WAN, Sasha built a robust social media community for her alma mater, was on the founding team of a cell-based meat startup, worked at several environmentally focused nonprofits, and spent a few months living at a meditation center. In addition to her role at World Animal Net, she is also a co-founder of a soon-to-be-launched social impact project that will focus heavily on animal protection.

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