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Advocacy Research and Analysis


Advocacy Research and its Importance
The Issue
The Policy Environment
The Policy System
People and Organizations
Targeted Research
Further Resources



This module examines advocacy research and analysis. Research is the solid foundation of effective advocacy, providing both the key to a winning strategy and indisputable facts for influential lobbying. This module examines different aspects of research and analysis, including not only the policy issue, but also the policy environment, systems, and the organizations and people involved. This includes:

  • Research methodology
  • Issue choice, and tackling problems at the root
  • The policy environment
  • People, organizations and power
  • The effective use of evidence

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" -Ben Franklin


Learning objectives:

  • To understand the need for effective research to underpin animal welfare advocacy.
  • To examine various research methodologies, and show the ability to use varied and appropriate methods to produce effective and targeted research.
  • To understand the policymaking systems and processes which impact on your advocacy; and how to carry out targeted research into these. This includes ways of staying up-to-date in the fast-moving animal welfare policy environment.
  • To examine the people and organizations which are important to your issue; and the interplay of power and influence.

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