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Part 2:      Proposal for the Wording of a New Animal Welfare Act

Model Animal Welfare Act

An Act to provide for the protection of the lives and welfare of animals, recognition of their sentience and intrinsic value, and the progressive development of a broader based humane ethic and ‘culture of caring’ in society. This Act is based on internationally accepted moral and scientific principles for animal welfare and includes: humane treatment and care; the prohibition of cruelty; the development of animal welfare structures, procedures and controls; and education and awareness.


Chapter 1:
Preliminary Provisions
Section 1
Title, Commencement and Conflicting Provisions
Section 2
Section 3
Support for Animal Welfare
Section 4
Scope of Application
Section 5
Section 6
Fundamental Principles of Animal Welfare
Chapter 2:
General Provisions
Section 7
Prohibition of Cruelty to Animals
Section 8
Prohibited Interventions Performed on Animals
Section 9
Prohibition of Killing Animals
Section 10
Prohibition of Passing on, Selling, Offering for Sale, Purchasing or Possessing Certain Animals (Doomed Animals)
Section 11
Obligation to Grant First Aid
Chapter 3:
Keeping of Animals/Care of Animals
General Regulations
Section 12
Principles of Keeping Animals
Section 13
Qualifications of the Animal Keeper
Section 14
Care in Case of Illness or Injury
Special Regulations
Section 15
Principles of Animal Breeding
Section 16
Keeping of Animals within the Scope of Business Activities
Section 17
Sale and Trading of Animals
Section 18
Abandoned, Stray or Lost Animals and Confiscated Animals
Section 19
General and Commercial Transport of Animals
Section 20
Humane Killing and Slaughter of Animals
Section 21
Principles of Animal Training
Chapter 4:
Specific Categories of Animal Use
Section 22
Companion Animals (Pet Animals)
Section 23
Animals Kept for Farming Purposes
Section 24
Animals Used for Experimentation (including Science, Research and Testing)
Section 25
Wildlife and Animals Kept in Zoos/Aquaria
Section 26
Animals Used for Work
Section 27
Animals Used for Sports, Leisure and Entertainment
Chapter 5:
Implementation and Enforcement Provisions
Section 28
Section 29
Section 30
Nature of Enforcement
Section 31
Powers of Enforcement Bodies
Section 32
Improvement Notices
Section 33
Duty to Alert and Report Offences and Duty to File A Criminal Complaint
Section 34
Charges and Fees
Section 35
Animal Welfare Committee
Section 36
Animal Welfare Ombudsman
Section 37
Animal Welfare and Protection Organisations/Humane Societies
Section 38
Animal Shelters, Sanctuaries and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres
Section 39
Veterinarians and Para-Veterinarians
Section 40
Animal Welfare Research
Section 41
Consumer Information
Section 42
Animal Welfare Measurement and Impact Assessment
Chapter 6:
Penal and Final/Concluding Provisions
Section 43
Penal and Administrative Fine Provisions
Section 44
Prohibition of Keeping Animals or of Having Contact with Animals and Forfeiture
Section 45
Further Aspects

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