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Networking and Alliances


Empowering Advocacy
Joint Advocacy
Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Coalitions
Forming a Coalition
Managing a Coalition
Supporters and Activists
Further Resources



Working together with others can make an advocacy campaign more powerful and bring sustainable change. It can also empower those involved, and build their capacity and reputation.

This module explains different models of joint working; including networks, coalitions and alliances. It considers the advantages and disadvantages of working in coalitions/alliances, and provides advice on forming and managing these. Some best practice examples of animal welfare coalitions and alliances will be examined and analyzed. The module includes ways in which joint working can be effectively planned and developed in order to avoid common pitfalls and achieve successful and fruitful advocacy relationships.

It also looks at the involvement of supporters and activists, and how this can be effectively managed.


Learning objectives:

  • To understand different models of joint working for advocacy.
  • To understand the advantages and disadvantages of joint working, including common pitfalls.
  • To understand what constitutes best practice for joint working, and how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • To be able to develop an effective plan for joint working on advocacy.

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