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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 21:05

New Organizations in the World Animal Net Directory

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Here are a few of the new additions to WAN's International Directory of Animal Protection Organizations. Don't see your organization listed, or notice an error in your listing? Register your organization here, login to update your organization here, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your organization's listing!

New OrganizationsAustralia for Dolphins

Name: Australia for Dolphins:
Country: Australia
Area of focus: Ending dolphin and whale hunting and cruelty around the world
Method of Action: Court proceedings, investigations, lobbying, and protests

Like many people, the CEO of Australia for Dolphins (AFD), was horrified by what she witnessed in Taiji. That, along with her love for small cetaceans, prompted her to start this Australian-based organization. AFD’s reach now stretches far beyond Australia. By using the law to their advantage, the group’s volunteers work to stop the abuse of cetaceans both at home and abroad. Recent projects include bringing the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums to court and drafting charges against Dolphin Marine Magic. You can learn more about AFD by visiting their website.

Avalo Cat Sanctuary

Name: Avalo Cat Sanctuary
Country: United States
Area of focus: To provide a haven for domesticated and exotic felines both with and without special needs.
Method of Action: Cat rehabilitation, cat rescue, habitat reconstruction, spay and neuter clinics

A feline sanctuary based in South Carolina, Avalo Cat Sanctuary rescues both domestic and exotic cats in need of special attention. Much of the organization’s 16-acre campus is filled with secure, outdoor cat condoes. This gives the organization’s Bengal and Savannah cats a chance to experience the freedom they’d never find in a home setting. By practicing policies aimed at promoting care, compassion, and companionship, Avalo aims to make every square inch of its property a haven for its fuzzy inhabitants. The organization is currently headed up by its founders, Michelle and Steve Donlick. You can see some of the beautiful cats they care for by visiting their website above.


Name: :VEBU
Country: Germany
Area of focus: Promoting a vegetarian and animal-friendly lifestyle.
Method of Action: Providing support for vegetarian companies, drafting vegetarian recipes, and hosting a variety of demonstrations, court proceedings, investigations, lobbying, and protests

The largest vegetarian-devoted organization in Germany, VEBU was founded in 1892. In its more than 100 years of operation, VEBU’s has worked hard to become a respected contact for those looking to understand, or convert to, a plant-based life style. They also provide a variety of articles, news posts, and fact sheets to anyone interested in learning more about vegan or vegetarianism. VEBU estimates that its efforts help bring nearly 2,000 a day into their fold. Visit their website to learn more.


Country: Brazil
Area of focus: Promoting both a vegetarian lifestyle ad promoting causes devoted to improving animal rights.
Method of Action: Awareness campaigns, training websites, movie premieres, and posting public support for animal-friendly lifestyles

VEDDAS represents a coming together of animal-friendly groups, companies, and educational institutions across Brazil. Through public education, and monthly donations, they work to improve access to animal rights-related information, products, and media. Recently, VEDDAS petitioned Brazil’s leader to ban all animal-testing in the field of cosmetics. Additionally, they’ve devoted a lot of time to promoting fields that broadcast an animal-rights friendly message. Their website offers both English and Portuguese translations. You can visit by going to

Cat Care Community

Name: Cat Care Community
Country: Latvia
Area of focus: Educating people about how to improve the lives of cats and advocating a feline-friendly lifestyle for the people of Latvia.
Method of Action: Animal adoption, animal rehabilitation, and custom-habitat construction

Founded in 2015, Cat Care Community is a relatively new organization. Regardless of its age, however, it’s been featured on various Latvian media channels for their work to promote the wellbeing of felines everywhere. In addition to posting and writing articles related to domestic cats, Cat Care Community also works to provide stray cats with a way to keep out of the cold. Depending on where you are, you might sight one of their wooden cats on a street corner or tucked away in an alley. They also provide a more traditional sheltering service for felines who’ve been injured or abandoned. Through their services, one-eyed and three-legged cats might find their forever home.

Dynasty Dyer

Dynasty Dyer joins World Animal Net as a content creator and blogger. After receiving her degree in business administration, which does not reflect her far greater love of the liberal arts, she has been freelance writing for some time. Being a vegetarian since the age of three, she always possessed a deep understanding of animal suffering and an innate sense of animal rights. Aside from writing for WAN, she works for various shelters editing and reformatting lackluster adoption profiles. During the daytime hours, she works for a publishing company as a Chrysler program specialist. When not busy at work, or playing with her three furry terrors, she loves to read, write, watch television, and game.


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