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Dynasty Dyer

Dynasty Dyer

Dynasty Dyer joins World Animal Net as a content creator and blogger. After receiving her degree in business administration, which does not reflect her far greater love of the liberal arts, she has been freelance writing for some time. Being a vegetarian since the age of three, she always possessed a deep understanding of animal suffering and an innate sense of animal rights. Aside from writing for WAN, she works for various shelters editing and reformatting lackluster adoption profiles. During the daytime hours, she works for a publishing company as a Chrysler program specialist. When not busy at work, or playing with her three furry terrors, she loves to read, write, watch television, and game.


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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 18:26

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Thursday, 08 September 2016 18:18

Events We're Watching this September

World Animal Net is proud to present the following four events we're watching this September!

2016 International Animal Rights Conference (IARC)

From Bangladesh to Switzerland, and from kittens to lions, we are happy to welcome the following organizations to the World Animal Net Directory, and encourage you to read about each organization's work below.

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