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Thursday, 01 August 2019 00:00

Call to Join the Asia for Animals Coalition Network!

Written by  Sarah Grant

Sarah Grant is the Animal Welfare Coalition Coordinator for Asia for Animals.

The Asia for Animals (AfA) Coalition is composed of 22 well-known and respected animal welfare organisations that have a shared focus on improving the welfare of animals in Asia.

The coalition is further supported by a global network of over 600 animal welfare organisations and as such represents millions of like-minded supporters across the globe. The aim and purpose of the coalition is to work together to tackle issues across Asia as one united voice.

AfA wants your organisation to be part of this network.

The coalition is an important voice in the world of animal welfare as there is no other network as large as AfA working on issues in Asia. AfA allows the sharing of issues and related information with other NGOs and also supports and encourages collaboration in tackling those issues.

AfA raises appeals targeting specific animal welfare concerns, either regarding a broader issue or aimed at a particular facility. These letters are authored by animal welfare experts from within the coalition, always citing scientific evidence or legal & ethical guidelines. Once complete, they are circulated among coalition members for sign-off and sent to the facility, authority or government department which is most likely to achieve an effective outcome.

Having such a strong coalition of 22 member organisations and an average of 200 supporting organisations adding their support to each of our appeal letters can have great impact, especially when our letter is addressed to government officials highlighting the level of global public scrutiny.

As a supporting organisation you will be regularly be sent our appeal letters with the option to join hundreds of other NGOs adding their organisation’s name and logo to the letters.

Following the 2011 ‘Asia for Animals conference’ the coalition was formed to facilitate on-going conversations between NGOs and give them a collective voice from the smallest issue to the larger ones. The bi-annual conference, the largest of its kind in Asia, continues to evolve as a forum for issues to be aired, and a place for relationships to be launched.Asia for Animals Coalition

The coalition is also as much a support network for fellow NGOs as it is for members of the public following the recent development of our public facing directory: Coupled with the vast social media audience of our combined network, AfA coalition also serves as an incredible platform for the public to educate themselves, help raise awareness and take action on animal welfare issues.

To join us and help us present a united front to oppose animal cruelty across Asia, please complete our simple online form.

For more information, visit our website or feel free to drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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