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Friday, 06 April 2018 00:00

WAN Authors Blog on Earth Law Center Website

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Recently, WAN had the pleasure of making the acquantance of Darlene Lee, Executive Director of the Earth Law Center (ELC). The Earth Law Center is an organization working to "transform the law to recognize and protect nature’s inherent rights to exist, thrive and evolve." 

pair-of-zebrasThe ELC envisions a "future in which humans and nature flourish together," and their strategy hinges on the concept of Earth Law, which would give ecosystems the same rights as people and corporations. An important related concept is that of Earth Jurisprudence, which is (according to the Center for Earth Jurisprudance) an "emerging field of law that seeks to develop a philosophy and practice of law that gives greater consideration to nature, by recognizing the interconnectedness of Earth's natural systems, the inherent rights and value of nature, and the dependence of humanity and all living beings on a healthy Earth."

WAN sees Earth Jurisprudence as an important issue that is intertwined with animal protection and animal law initiatives. We were honored that our perspectives on this were invited to be included on the ELC's blog, and thrilled that WAN's co-founder and board member, Janice Cox, had the opportunity to prepare a blog for publication on the ELC website. 

In Janice's words:

"Earth Jurisprudence should be developed in a way that provides the rights needed to ensure flourishing – for ecosystems and the individual parts of the greater whole, including people and animals. A deep and intuitive understanding of the value and interconnectedness of all of life on earth requires no less than this. If this can be achieved our ethics will continue to develop towards a universal harmony with nature.

Then we will find that Environmental Rights are Human Rights are Animal Rights."

You can read the whole blog hereand be sure to take some time to read about the ELC's important work and learn about the progress being made towards the protection of the Earth's ecosystems around the world.  


Jessica Bridgers

Jessica is the Executive Director at World Animal Net. Having received a B.S. in biology with minors in chemistry and anthropology from the University of New Mexico, she combines a scientific background with a passion for animal protection. She completed her M.S. in Animals and Public Policy from Tufts University and internships with Humane Society International, Animal Protection of New Mexico, and the New England Anti-Vivisection Society before arriving at World Animal Net. In her free time, she volunteers with horse and wildlife rescues. 


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