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Module 2: Advocacy Strategy Process Notes


See diagram from the Course Module

Stage 1: Vision/Mission

This is about what you are inspired to do. It can difficult when you are doing for an organization with a number of motivated people. So you need to work creatively, drawing on inspiration. Best to keep away from critical assessments in early stages of development…

Tool 10 Creative Drawing

Stage 2: Setting the Scene

Organizational Analysis

Big ideas, but not enough resources to deliver? Always burned out and short of time? Then do this before environmental analysis (this provides a background ‘reality check’ - otherwise you’ll end up with more ideas that you can’t accomplish!)

See organizational skills and resources analysis of the Course Module (or Tool 13 Advocacy Self Assessment)

Tool 12 SWOT

Environmental Analysis

Stuck in a rut – always doing the same things (little imagination and/or and seeing no results) - then do this before organizational analysis. It opens you up to new ideas, possibilities and perspectives.

Tool 10 PESTLE (environmental analysis)

Tool 9 Force Field (really important, not just for the environmental analysis – but also so you can decide on where to direct your energies to achieve change).

OK. So now you know the big picture and your organizations possibilities and limitations! Now look at what others are doing… (So you can see where you fit in to the ‘bigger picture’)

Stage 3: Others and Where You (Could) Fit In

Stakeholder Analysis

Tool 17. Stakeholder Analysis
Tool 6. Allies Opponents Matrix
Tool 18. Johari’s window

Tool 5. Decision and Influence Mapping
Tool 19. Audience Prioritization Matrix
Tool 8. The Venn Diagram

Other Players

Tool 7. Other Player Analysis (in reality, if few AW organizations, you may just decide to ignore them – or to build an alliance – but this tool is useful if the field is crowded)

You don’t want to make unnecessary enemies; or to duplicate the work of others (or do work which others should be doing or are better resourced to do)… Sometimes lobbying others to do what they should be doing is a more effective strategy than simply taking on tasks yourself?

Risk Analysis

Tool 23. Risk Analysis

Just to make sure you won’t get into too much trouble with your strategy!! [Practical example: an organization (Norway) took court action against battery hen production, and ended up having to pay costs – losing all its funds…].

Strategic Choice

Main decision is what will your organization's 'niche' be?

How do you get from where you are now - to where you want to be?

Tool 24. The Bridge

Strategy workshops with staff and volunteers can be helpful – as they both bring in new ideas and help them to understand the bigger picture… To implement a strategy you will need to bring them along with you… Anything that will assist understanding and decrease resistance!!

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