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7. Other Player Analysis



A Primary Tool

Description and Purpose:

This tool is a matrix that can be used to consider other organizations working in your field, and the nature of your relationship with them on your advocacy issue.


Map each of the important organizations working in your field in the grid.

Use this as a starting point to assess how and what they are doing.

Consider and categorize the nature of your current relationship with them.

Then, make informed choices about the type of relationship you should develop with them in the future.

As well as helping you to understand the other ‘players’ in the field, this should help you to consider how to avoid duplication, and to fill gaps in the ‘market’. In particular, which organizations you should try to prioritize for further development.

You may consider including:

  • Other major animal welfare players (competitors/collaborators, national/international)
  • The positioning of your organization in the wider movement.
  • Whether you should adopt a competitive or collaboration strategy?
  • Different forms of co-operation (e.g. joint projects, networks, coalitions and affiliations etc.)
  • How full is the ‘market’ (will you be duplicating the work of others, of is there a real need for your advocacy)?

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