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Further Resources



World Animal Net (WAN) Animal Protection Society Resources: Lobbying

Policy Engagement: How Civil Society Can be More Effective

Charity Lobbying in the Public Interest

The Democracy Centre – Free Advocacy Materials

Tips on Political Lobbying


Politico's Guide to Political Lobbying
By: Charles Miller
Publisher: Politico's Publishing
ISBN: 1902301250

The Nonprofit Lobbying Guide: Advocating Your Cause-and Getting Results
By: Smucker
Publisher: Jossey Bass Wiley
ISBN: 1555423744

So You Want to Be a Lobbyist? Guide to the World of Political Lobbying
By: Corinne Souza, Iain Dale
Publisher: Politico's Publishing
ISBN: 1902301005

Amnesty International Handbook
Publisher: Amnesty International UK
ISBN: 0862102057

European Lobbying Guide: A Guide on Whom and How to Lobby
By: Bryan Cassidy
Publisher: Thorogood
ISBN: 1854181440

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