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November 2017



  1-30  World Vegan Month
The Vegan Society

  1-30  National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

  1-30  National Pet Diabetes Month

    1    World Vegan Day
The Vegan Society

    1    Service Animals and the Law
Service Animals and the Law
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

  1-2   AWIC Workshop: Meeting the Information Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act
Beltsville, Maryland, USA

  2-4   2nd Annual Canadian Food Law & Policy Conference
University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
Ottawa, Canada

    2    Understanding & Fighting Ag-Gag Laws
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

    2    Public Meeting on EPA Plan to Promote Alternative Tests on Animals
National Institue of Environmental Health Sciences
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

    3    One Health Day
One Health Commission
Various Events Worldwide

    3    Animal Abuse Leadership Summit Education and Connection
Phoenix, Maryland, USA

    4    Catholic Concern for Animals AGM 2017
Catholic Concern for Animals
London, UK

    4    4th Annual UC Davis One Health Symposium
Students for One Health & UC Davis One Health Institute
Davis, California, USA

    4    8th Annual Tampa Bay Veg Fest
Florida Voices for Animals
Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

  3-5   Badger Trust Conference
The Badger Trust

  4-11  West Indies Veterinary Conference
Ross University
St. Kitts, West Indies

  5-11  Bird Health Awareness Week
United States Department of Agriculture

  5-11  National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

    6    The National Animal Control and Humane Officer Training Academy Module C
National Animal Care & Control Association
Sanford, Florida, USA

  6-9   30th Caribbean Veterinary Medical Association Conference 2017
Jamaica Veterinary Medical Association

    8    Humane Lobbying: Using the Legislative Process on Behalf of Animals
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Chicago, Illinois, USA

   10     Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Animal Law Clinic
South Texas College of Law Houston
Houston, Texas, USA

   11    Animal Legal Defense Fund Animal Law Boot Camp
Animal Legal Defense Fund

 11-12  Kerala Veterinary Science Congress 2017
Indian Veterinary Association
Ernakulam, Kerala, India

 12-14  Society of Animal Welfare Administrators 2017 Annual Conference
The Society of Animal Welfare Administrators
Miami, Florida, USA

   13    Professional Animal Control and Assessment
The National Animal Cruelty Investigation School
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

   13    The National Animal Control and Humane Officer Training Academy Module B
The National Animal Care & Control Association
Leesburg, Virginia, USA

   14    Litigation Strategies to Protect Animals
The Texas Tech University School of Law Student Animal Legal Defense Fund
Lubbock, Texas, USA

   15    7th Annual Animal Cruelty Prosecution Conference
Association of Prosecuting Attorneys
Portland, Oregon, USA

 15-17  7th National Animal Cruelty Conference of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys
Association of Prosecuting Attorneys
Portland, Oregon, USA

 15-17  International Technical Conference on Climate Change, Agriculture, Trade and Food Security
Food and Agriculture Organisation
Rome, Italy

   16    Animal Welfare and Britain post Brexit: Opportunities and threats
European Parliament's Intergroup on Animal Welfare and Conservation of Animals
Strasbourg, France

 16-17  London Vet Show
Royal Veterinary College
British Veterinary Association
London, UK

   17    Animals and Emotions in History
Pet Histories
London, UK

 17-18  Conference on Animal Consciousness
New York University
New York, NY, USA

 20-24  2017 Compassionate Conservation Conference
University of Technology Sydney Centre for Compassionate Conservation
Sydney, Australia

   21    Looking Forward: The Impact of Scientific Advancement on Animal Law in Canada
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

 20-21  2nd International Conference and Expo on Vaccines and Vaccination
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

   21    Thanksgiving Webinar
The Humane League

 21-23  Fourth International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction 2017
Minding Animals
Milton Keynes, UK

   25    10th Anniversary Celebrations Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire Forest Education Network
Louborough University
Leicestershire, UK

   25    Animal Interfaith Alliance AGM 2017
London, UK

November 25 - December 3  Georgia Week for the Animals
Animal World USA
Georgia, USA

   27    The National Animal Control and Humane Officer Training Academy Module B
The National Animal Care & Control Association
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

 28-30  Rearing Pigs with Intact Tails in Europe
European Commission
Online & Grange, Ireland

 30-1   Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing Refinement Seminar
Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

 November 27 - December 1  69th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee
Geneva, Switzerland

   30    World Horse Welfare Conference 2017: The Invisible Horse of the Future
World Horse Welfare


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