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 7-10  2016 Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Convention
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

 7-10  Animal Rights National Conference 2016
Farm Animal Rights Movement
Los Angeles, California, USA

 7-10  International Society for Anthrozoology Conference
International Society for Anthrozoology
Barcelona, Spain

 11-12  Animaladies
Human Animal Research Network, University of Sydney 
Sydney, Australia

 12-16  50th International Society for Applied Ethology International Congress
International Society for Applied Ethology
Edinburgh, Scotland

   14    Shark Awareness Day

   15    Pet Fire Safety Day

 14-17  Best Friends National Conference
Best Friends Animal Society
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

 15-17  Speak for Wolves
Speak for Wolves, numerous sponsors
West Yellowstone, Montana, USA

 16-24  6th Annual New Jersey Week for the Animals
Animal World USA
New Jersey, USA


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