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36. Campaign Tactics




Description and Purpose:

Suggested campaign tactics.


Consider the tactics below for inclusion in your campaign ‘tactics toolkit’.

  • Media campaign (programs or media-worthy stunts)
  • Protest or solidarity marches (make merry, have noise/music)
  • Picketing (effective where customers can be made aware of the issue)
  • Sit-ins (passive resistance)
  • Public meetings or workshops
  • Public speeches at events
  • Street information stalls
  • Theatre performance about an issue (street theatre, film, TV or radio)
  • Musical events or song about the issue
  • Concerts (with a film about the issue playing in the background and/or to raise funds for the campaign)
  • Product’ ‘dumps’ (e.g. throwing away or burning a product - for the media, to draw attention to a product that harms the environment, or uses child labor)
  • Picture opportunities (for media)
  • Leafleting
  • Letter writing or postcard campaigns or petitions

These are just a few campaigning methods that could be used. There are many others, and it is also good to develop new and creative tactics.

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