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13. Advocacy Self Assessment




Description and Purpose:

The advocacy self-assessment is a tool that can be used to assist a SWOT analysis (see above).


Use the following chart to initiate the SWOT process, if there are no precise criteria already provided.

After identifying strengths and weaknesses, organizations and coalitions should try to determine ways to employ strengths to their advantage and modify weaknesses. Developing activities and institutional changes can benefit not only an organization but also the effectiveness of an advocacy campaign.

Organizational Capabilities Strengths                     Weaknesses                  
Knowledge of the problem
or issues
Understanding the aim    
Understanding of the
advocacy environment and 
Ability to develop the
advocacy message
Ability to transmit the
advocacy message
Promoting participation in 
the decision-making
Quality of leadership    
Diversity of
External Relationships Strengths Weaknesses            

Ability to influence key 

Ability to mobilize
Ability to caolition build    
Ability to access media
Resources Strengths Weaknesses
Human capacity    
Material resources    
Technological resources    
Financial resources    

Adapted from the Manual for Facilitators of Advocacy Training Sessions, Washington Office on Latin America, 2001

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