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3. Research Case Studies



Recommended (but feel free to adapt content to suit your purposes)

Description and Purpose:

Case studies can be prepared as part of advocacy research. Their purpose is to provide true stories to demonstrate the impact of a problem and provide information to assist analysis. They should be compiled in a systematic way in order to be credible and useful.


Undercover investigations can be used, following research, to capture the actual situation visually. This is often useful if the authorities are in denial about the facts, or do not want the media and public to see and understand the extent of the problems.

Focus Group Discussions
Discuss animal welfare problems in relevant focus groups (e.g. farmers, producers, animal behaviorists, veterinarians etc.). A range of views, knowledge and perceptions can be gained, which improves understanding.

Individual Case Studies
Whilst background information can be collected in advance, individual case studies can be carried out by observing individual animals in certain situations, and recording details meticulously (both photographically and by written and timed observations.

Situational Case Studies
Certain situations can also be examined and researched meticulously. For example, stray control problems can be examined using area maps (sectioned), population counts/demographics, male/female ratios, birth and health records, welfare problems etc.

Case studies are useful background for strategic advocacy planning, as they help you to understand the actual situation you are dealing with. Case studies encourage integrated thinking and awareness of the complexities of real life situations. They can help to encourage focused discussions about the problem and potential solutions. Visual evidence is a useful focus for advocacy work, and can be invaluable in raising media attention. They can also help with public awareness and education, as actual stories make more impact than cold facts.

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