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1. Issue Choice Matrix



A primary tool (but feel free to adapt content to suit your purposes)

Description and Purpose:

This is a tool for analyzing the best choice of advocacy issue. It works by rating each issue against given criteria.


Apply a rating to each issue for each criterion – using a positive ranking of 1-5 (with 5 being the maximum).

Adapt according to your organization’s priorities and needs (e.g. add fundraising potential; media potential etc.). Consider changing rankings to reflect major priorities (e.g. give double point to likelihood of success, potential benefits and potential for your organization to make an impact).

Criteria Policy Issue 1 Policy issue 2 Policy issue 3
Likelihood of success      
Potential benefits
for animal welfare
Potential for you to 
make a difference (or is
the bus overcrowded?)
Relevance to your
work and objectives?
Potential for networking
and coalitions (i.e. 
relationship with the
relevant allies is
Possibility to use the 
advocacy for capacity-
The issue is something
you care passionately 
about (this is important
as it will motivate you
to take action on the

This can be amended according to your own criteria (and perceived level of importance). As with all tools, it is simply for guidance, and should be adapted where necessary to achieve the most relevant results for your organization. For example, although it is generally accepted that you should try to make the most difference to the welfare of animals through your choice, if this is your first advocacy initiative you may want to start with a small, limited-time advocacy issue – to build aptitude and confidence.


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