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Other Types of Collaborations

SPCA Movement


The RSPCA is based in the UK, but also carries out international work with partner organizations. It originated in 1824, and has been emulated throughout the world (particularly in former colonies).


The NSPCA was founded in 1956 as the Federation of SPCAs, and is the umbrella body for 97 societies situated throughout the Republic of South Africa. The SPCA movement has linkages with other SPCAs throughout the world, and carries out widespread hands-on programs (in particular, but not limited to, companion animal programs).


  • Massive experience and expertise in practical animal welfare work.
  • Providing training, information and expertise for SPCAs across the world
  • Project and program support.

Global March Movement

World Animal Day
Global March for Lions
March Against Canned Hunting

A movement for collaborative campaigning which started as a volunteer-run campaign – with marches and events for the protection of wildlife and against circuses, rapidly becoming a global phenomenon – with the Global March for Lions taking place in 62 cities across the world (15 March 2014). This group is now organizing a World Animal Day march for October 2014 (with PAAWA and WAN), with the theme: ‘Animals Matter to Africa!’ It was to be pan-African, but is already spreading across the globe.

This is not a formal collaboration, but a group of highly dedicated volunteers who are using social media to spread the campaigns of other groups through collective action.


  • Highly committed and dedicated organizing team.
  • Activists - action-oriented, with minimal bureaucracy.
  • Adding to the efforts of other formal organizations.
  • Effectively using social media to mobilize.

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