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The Pan Africa Animal Welfare Alliance (PAAWA)

PAAWA exists as a platform for animal welfare organizations across Africa. Its core mandate is to strengthen the work of its member animal welfare organizations in advocacy and education/awareness, through leadership development and capacity building, and providing a strong collective voice for animal welfare.

PAAWA will provide the space for animal welfare organizations to advocate for issues that are of collective significance to animal welfare across the region. Specifically, PAAWA will focus on the following approach:

  • As a Platform we will provide space where groups or networks of animal welfare organizations will build a collective movement on animal welfare advocacy and action.
  • As a Portal we will establish PAAWA as the reference point for animal welfare through provision of knowledge and technical capacity for other animal welfare groups across Africa and the world.
  • As a network we will build strong links between local service-driven animal welfare organizations with national and regional advocacy organizations.
  • As a linkage for the continent we will strengthen collaboration with non-traditional drivers of change in animal welfare, including organizations and institutions focused on related animal welfare activities.


  • PAAWA has an excellent strategy and action plan.
  • PAAWA has carried out effective strategic advocacy across the continent (AU, OIE, Regional Economic Communities), pushing forward institutional change.
  • PAAWA has held an effective conference, starting to build contacts, knowledge and awareness.

Asia for Animals (AfA)

The AfA Coalition is composed of 14 well-known and respected animal welfare organizations that have a shared focus on the welfare of animals in Asia. It provides support to organizations to help with their campaigns (including issues, information and lobbying updates). The Asia for Animals (AFA) Conference is the largest, most representative Asian animal welfare conference, which provides a platform for animal welfare experts, members of the public, and government officials to consolidate and share experiences, with an eye to developing new strategies and facilitating long-term change. AfA covers many diverse issues.


  • The AfA conference is an excellent opportunity for Asian animal protection groups to network and learn.
  • AfA is now establishing Working Groups on priority issues, so that collaborations can be forged and long-term solutions can be developed.
  • AfA helps to support collaborative advocacy.

European Alliance of Rescue Centers and Sanctuaries (EARS)

EARS is an alliance that supports and represents rescue centers and sanctuaries across Europe, enabling them to work together to achieve mutual animal welfare and conservation goals. Since 2011 EARS works to promote and achieve continuous improvements in animal welfare, and tackle the very reasons that necessitate the existence of rescue centers and sanctuaries.


  • Development and sharing of best practice and expertise.
  • The establishment of standards and guidance.
  • Work towards legislation to prevent situations in which animals need rescue.

Norwegian AP Alliance (Dyrevern Alliansen) - 2001

Dyrevern Alliansen is a national membership organization that collaborates with animal welfare and animal rights organizations in Norway and abroad. Its aims are:

  • To promote animal interests, especially to public authorities as well as trade and industry.
  • To document evidence of human mistreatment of animals, especially concerning animals used for commercial purposes and suffering that is permitted by existing laws.
  • To increase accessibility to information about human mistreatment of animals to animal welfare and animal rights organizations, the authorities, trade and industry, media and the public.


  • National networking and coordination.
  • Collaborative advocacy.
  • Contacts with international organizations.
  • Information sharing - based on hard facts and science.

National Council for Animal Protection (NCAP) - 1985

NCAP is an alliance of U.S. based animal protection organizations working together to help build movement capacity and effectiveness. NCAP works to help its member organizations to achieve their individual and collective goals to improve the treatment and status of animals.

To this end, the NCAP leads the following activities:

  • Initiating public opinion research, analyzing the current status of the animal advocacy movement, and strategizing best methods to advance the movement in order to assist members in understanding and communicating with the public.
  • Recognizing outstanding advocates with the Grassroots Leadership Award.
  • Facilitating respect, cooperation, and communication, as well as enhancing professional skills among member organization at the Summit for the Animals, a meeting for the leaders of the animal protection movement.


  • Research and analysis – including opinion polls and status of the animal protection movement.
  • National ‘Summit for the Animals’ to determine strategic priorities for the movement.
  • National networking, coordination and information sharing.
  • Capacity building.

Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA)

ACPA is an international alliance/coalition of animal protection organizations committed to improving the welfare of dogs in the region by ending the illegal trade in dogs for human consumption- a trade which represents both a severe and prevalent animal welfare concern in the region, and a risk to human health by facilitating the transmission of rabies and other diseases.


  • Includes Asian and international expertise.
  • Focusing on one issue of shared concern.

DierenCoalitie - The Netherlands

The DierenCoalitie is an alliance of 19 animal protection organizations. It represents the interests of the organizations in important political issues, in order to effectively unite and speak with one voice on behalf of the Dutch animal protection movement to the Government and legislators.


  • Collaborative advocacy.
  • Networking and information sharing.
  • Effective allocation of financial resources.

Alliance for Contraception in CATS and DOGS (ACCD)

ACCD is working to expedite the successful introduction of methods to non-surgically sterilize dogs and cats and to support the distribution and promotion of these products to humanely control cat and dog populations worldwide.


  • ACCD has a clear and focused mission, mandate and priorities.
  • Effectively organizes wide stakeholder cooperation and collaboration around their issue.
  • Works as a catalyst to facilitate research, distribution and promotion of non-surgical contraceptives for cats and dogs - which could revolutionize humane stray control.

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