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Constitution Project



The aim of the Constitution Project is to promote the official recognition of animals as sentient beings by including animal protection in international, national and regional constitutions and charters.

The immediate aim is to provide animal protection organizations around the world with the information needed to campaign effectively in favor of placing animal protection in constitutions.


Various animal protection organizations have campaigned for recognition of the interests of animals in their national constitution, and there have been some initiatives seeking the recognition of animal protection/rights at international national levels. Yet, despite the fact that animal protection has become an important ethical and political consideration internationally, there are as yet few countries that have secured even the basic foundations for humane treatment of animals in their constitution.

World Animal Net initiated this project in order to research past initiatives - successes and failures, and to make experiences and knowledge available to animal protection organizations worldwide. Our hope is that many animal protection organizations will join the project, creating a strong global movement campaigning in favor of the inclusion of animal protection in constitutions. This is, after all, long overdue!


You are welcome to use these materials for your campaign, and to re-design and adapt them to suit your own style or philosophy. It is important to make reference to the international character of the World Animal Net Constitution Project, as illustrated in the sample letters in this section.

Animal Protection and Constitutions
Background Notes for Animal Protection Organizations
Chart Listing Animal Protection in National Constitutions
Sample Letters to Lobby for Constitutional Protection for Animals

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