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Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock


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Description: The Agenda is a partnership of livestock sector stakeholders committed to “the sustainable development of the sector.”

The Global Agenda provides a platform to “showcase solutions and best practices in the livestock sector.” It discusses emerging issues and develops “appropriate measures in support of sustainable livestock sector development.” Its approach to sustainable livestock integrates considerations of livelihoods, economic and social impacts, public health, animal health and welfare, environmental impacts, land use and tenure, as well as biodiversity. The Global Agenda, together with the integrated and related Action Networks, address sustainable livestock sector development along three major lines:

  • Food Security and Health
  • Equity and Growth
  • Resources and Climate Change
Organization Type: Partnership of livestock sector stakeholders
Issue areas covered:

Animal health and welfare are included in the Global Agenda’s work, as are other issues of concern, such as resource use, climate change and other environmental issues.

Key opportunities and dates for input: 
  • Meetings
  • Through partners at any time
Requirements for participation: 

The Global Agenda includes a wide range of stakeholders, and includes (representative) animal protection organizations (APOs). APOs have attended meetings in the past.

Advocacy Opportunities:
  • There is scope to push for greater inclusion of, and emphasis on, animal welfare within the Global Agenda. Also, this has now formed an “Animal Welfare Action Network,” which will work on the roles of animal welfare in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The Global Agenda’s strategy indicates that there are opportunities for advocacy on issues such as the need to make companies accountable for externalities (social and environmental impacts), and the dismantling of subsidies, thus leveling the playing field in regards to unfair competition from industrial animal agriculture.
  • However, there are difficulties associated with APO inclusion in such a pro-livestock forum, so interested organizations are advised to contact APOs with prior involvement for advice.



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