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The World Veterinary Association (WVA)


Brussels, Belguim



Description: The WVA unites and represents the global veterinary profession. It is the umbrella organization for National Veterinary Associations and international associations of veterinarians working in different areas of veterinary medicine.

The WVA seeks to bring veterinarians from all over the world together, to share experiences, to exchange ideas and to join forces for the promotion and development of veterinary medicine.

Organization Type: International Umbrella Organization
Issue areas covered:

The WVA states that it “defends the interest of the health and welfare of animals and people as well as the interest of its member organizations and their members.”

The WVA mission is: “To assure and promote animal health and welfare and public health globally, through developing and advancing veterinary medicine, the veterinary profession as well as public and private veterinary services.”

The WVA strategy includes animal welfare as one of four priority areas, with the following actions specified:

  • Raise awareness of current and ongoing global animal welfare issues.
  • Develop and maintain key partnerships with other global AW advocacy groups. 
  • Promote animal welfare education and training within the veterinary curriculum and as a critical component of continuing veterinary professional development.
Key opportunities and dates for input: 
Requirements for participation: 

The WVA has partnerships, including with World Animal Protection.
It is open to meeting APOs.

Advocacy Opportunities:
  • Advocacy to persuade the WVA to include more AW issues/events.
  • Boomerang advocacy – to persuade the WVA to promote APO concerns in international meetings. In particular, the WVA has significant influence with the OIE (due to its veterinary contingency).
  • The World Veterinary Congress and events provide an opportunity to influence the WVA.

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