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Other Development Financing Institutions





Description: There are many other development finance institutions. Some of these are multilateral and some bilateral. 

See this overview of development financial institutions from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The African Development Bank, for example, is a regional multilateral development bank, and has 53 regional member countries in Africa and 24 non-regional member countries (non-African countries). It has given support in various sectors, including the environment (such as environmental legislation, governance and institutional capacity building for the environment sector); agriculture and agro-industries; and human and social development.

There is additionally a New Development Bank for BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which now has an Environmental and Social Framework, but this does not specifically include animal welfare.

There are also some privately-owned development banks. One of these, ING, which is a multinational bank with Dutch roots (and acquired Barings Bank), has a progressive Environmental and Social Risk Framework, which includes animal welfare (Section 4.3.). Unusually, this covers all operations involving animal welfare, and not just farming (i.e., pets, entertainment, experimentation and trade). 


Organization Type: International Financial Institutions (and Bilateral Financial Institutions)
Issue areas covered: Various
Key opportunities and dates for input: 
  • Open opportunities for advocacy, as well as periodic consultations.
  • Opportunities to join other NGOs in meetings and consultation.
Requirements for participation: 

Need to check for each individual finance institution.

Advocacy Opportunities:
  • Some development finance institutions still have no animal welfare safeguards – not even the need to respect the OIE’s international animal welfare standards (which should be the bare minimum). There are advocacy opportunities here.
  • Further advocacy with the New Development Bank BRICS regarding the need for Environmental and Social Safeguards, including animal welfare. Possibility of advancing wider NGO advocacy in this regard (as the bank has already been criticized for its lack of environmental and social safeguards. See here and here).
  • Using the ING environmental and social safeguards as a good practice example – lobbying other development banks to enhance their animal welfare standards.
  • Include all aspects of animal welfare (instead of just farming aspects).
  • Lobbying beyond farmed animals– for example, the need to include other issues of animal welfare concern, for example, including animal welfare in wildlife projects; excluding trade and production in wildlife products regulated under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; excluding marine and coastal fishing practices, such as large-scale pelagic drift net fishing and fine mesh net fishing, harmful to vulnerable and protected species in large numbers and damaging to marine biodiversity and habitats; and safeguarding against biodiversity impacts and habitat destruction.
  • There is scope for involving further APOs in such advocacy.
  • It is important for  national APOs to lobby development finance institutions based in their own country.
  • Systematic advocacy of development financing institutions/banks – particularly after further World Bank advocacy (incorporating not only need for comprehensive coverage of animal welfare in environmental and social safeguards, but also the development/inclusion of Best Practice).

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