Strategic Advocacy Course

Learn how to be a more effective advocate for animals.


Strategic advocacy is a key tool for achieving animal welfare goals in an effective and lasting manner. With this in mind, WAN has developed a Strategic Advocacy Course that is offered free of charge to animal advocates around the world.


How it works

Students can access our course materials online, and can work at their own pace or select only the modules they find relevant to their needs. The course will guide students through the basic sociological principles of social movements, strategy, campaign development, and evaluation of their effectiveness. Each of the eight modules comes with a presentation which is accessible from the module's introduction page. 

At present the course is self-run, but please do contact us if you have any questions or would like management consultancy advice as you apply it. Also, please do let us know if you are interested in a tutored course, and we will consider the feasibility of organizing this if there is sufficient demand.

Please contact us if you or your organization is interested in these services.

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