Module 3: Top Tips


  • Build a thorough understanding of both your issue and the policy context (including ways in which social change for animals is achieved in your social and political context – see Module 1)
  • Place your issue in context (e.g. using facts and figures, or researching the international and regional dimensions - such as World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) international standards etc.)
  • Ensure that your research is credible, accessible and easily understandable
  • Identify the causes and solutions for your policy issue, and then build political support around your solutions
  • Build understanding of key decision-makers – their interests, motivations and power bases
  • Identify the key targets of your advocacy, and then work out how to influence them (for example, through secondary targets)
  • Use strategic analysis to determine the target audience for your research reports, then ensure they are tailored to influence this audience (in terms of content, presentation and timing)