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Animal Protection in the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Authority  Provision 
TITLE III: OF THE ORGANIZATION AND OF THE EXERCISE OF POWER, Chapter 1: Of the Institutions of the Republic, Section 3: Of the Relations Between the Executive Power and the Legislative Power; Chapter 2: Of the Provinces, Section 2: Of the Distribution of Competences Between the Central Power and the Provinces, Article 202, paragraph 25 and Article 203, 17, 19

Article 123 provides that without prejudice to the Constitution, the law determines the fundamental principles concerning, "agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing and aquaculture."

Article 202 provides, that “[t]he energy, agricultural and forestry regimes concerning hunting and fishing, concerning the conservation of nature (flora and fauna), concerning the capture [and] breeding of animals, foodstuffs of animal origin and concerning the veterinary arts” shall be the province of the Central Power.

Article 203 provides that “the prevention of human and animal epidemics dangerous to the collectivity” and “the regulation concerning the regimes [of] energy, agriculture and forests, livestock, [and] foodstuffs of animal or vegetable origin falls within the concurrent province of the Central Power and the Provinces.

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