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December 2017



November 25 - December 3  Georgia Week for the Animals
Animal World USA
Georgia, USA

 30-1   Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing Refinement Seminar
Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

    2    National Mutt Day

 2-10  Arizona Week for the Animals
Animal World USA
Arizona, USA

 2-10  Pennsylvania Week for the Animals
Animal World USA
Pennsylvania, USA

  3-5   Asia for Animals
The Jane Goodall Institute Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal

    4    World Wildlife Conservation Day

    4    Advanced Animal Cruelty Investigator Level 2
The National Animal Cruelty Investigations School
San Antonio, Texas, USA

  3-6   3rd International Conference on Global Food Security
Cape Town, South Africa

  4-5   Scientists Center for Animal Welfare Winter Conference 
Scientists Center for Animal Welfare
San Antonio, Texas, USA

  5-7   35th Tanzania Veterinary Association Scientific Conversation
Tanzania Veterinary Association
Arusha, Tanzania

    8    Georgia Companion Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Conference
Georgia Companion Animal Partnership
Macon, Georgia, USA

   11    The National Animal Control and Humane OfficerTraining Academy Module A
The Nation Animal Care & Control Association
Longmont, Colorado, USA

   13    Animal Welfare Student Scholar's Meeting
Universities Federation of Animal Welfare
England, UK

   13    National Day of the Horse

   15    9th Animal CLE: Animal Law Practice Areas: Far and Wide
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

   27    Visit the Sanctuary Day

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