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October 2016



  24 September - 5 October  CITES Conference of the Parties 17 (COP17)
Johannesberg, South Africa

 September 29 - October 1  Fellow Travellers: An Animal Studies Conference
Animals and Society Institute
Middletown, Connecticut, USA

 Monthlong October  Adopt-a-Dog Month
American Humane Association

    1     Opening Preview
The Animal Museum
Los Angeles, California, USA

    1     (every Saturday of the month) Belle Vue Greyhound Demo
Veggies Events
Manchester, United Kingdom

    1     International Raccoon Appreciation Day

    1     World Vegetarian Day

 1 - 9  8th Annual New York Week for the Animals
Animal World USA
New York, USA

    2    Mohandas Gandhi's Birthday

    2    World Day for Farmed Animals
Farm Animal Rights Movement

    2    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Society for Animals in Distress
Midrand, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

 2 - 5  INTERPOL Wildlife Crime Working Group Meeting
Johannesburg, South Africa

 3 - 7  American Conference of Veterinarian Sciences PANVET 2016
Panama City, Panama

    4    World Animal Day
Naturewatch Foundation

 4 - 6  Interdisciplinary Workshop “Rational animals?”
Bochum, Germany

    5    68th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee
Johannesburg, South Africa

    5    Symposium: Animal Shelter Law
Doubletree by Hilton Seattle Hotel
Seattle, Washington, USA

    6    Fall 2016 Environmental Humanities Series: Screening Nature with Anat Pick
New York University Animal Studies Initiative
New York, New York, USA

    6    Rabbit Welfare
European Inter Group on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals
6, rue des Patriotes B - 1000 Brussels

 7 - 8  The Future of Food
The Humane Society of the United States
Washington, D.C., USA

 7 - 9  Animal Law Conference
Animal Legal Defense Fund and Center for Animal Law Studies Lewis & Clark
University New York, New York, USA

 8 - 9  SOAS Mule And Donkey Conference
School of Oriental and African Studies
London, UK

    9    16th Bow-wows and Meows Pet Fair
Bow-Wows and Meows
Santa Clarita, California, USA

 9 - 11  International Conference on Cultured Meat
Maastricht University
Maastrict, The Netherlands

  9-15  National Wolf Awareness Week
National Humane Education Society

 11-13  International Companion Animal Welfare Conference
The Dogs Trust
Dubrovnik, Croatia

 11-13  Regional Seminar for the OIE National Focal Points for Veterinary Products
World Organizaton for Animal Health (OIE)

   12    Adoption Options 2016 Montreal
Montreal, Canada

 12-13  AWIC Workshop: Meeting the Information Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act
United States Department of Agriculture
Beltsville, Maryland, USA

 12-14  Texts, Animals, Environments. Zoopoetics and Environmental Poetics
Humanities and Social Sciences Online
Hannover, Germany

   13    Environmental Humanities Series: An Inquiry into the Metaphysics of Others
Animal Studies Initiative, New York University
New York, New York, USA

   13    The Severn Forum – Justice for Animals
Catholic Concern for Animals
Cheltenham, UK

 14-15  2016 Animals in Focus Conference
RSPCA Queensland
South Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

   15    Fall Festival for Farmed Animals
Asha Farm Sanctuary
Newfane, New York, USA

   15    Greyounds Around the Globe Conference
GREY2K USA Worldwide
Delray Beach, Florida, USA

 15-23  3rd Annual Illinois Week for the Animals
Animal World USA
Illinois, USA

   16    National Feral Cat Day
National Humane Education Society

   16    World Food Day
World Food Day

 17-19  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Animal Welfare Training, RSPCA International, Inter African Bureau for Animal Resources, and others
Accra, Ghana

 17-21  43rd Session of the Committee on World Food Security
Committee on World Food Security
Rome, Italy

   18    Agriculture Law and Policy Panel
University of Maryland School of Law
Baltimore Maryland

 20-22  15th Asian Association of Veterinary Schools Congress
Asian Assocation of Veterinary Schools
Taipei, Taiwan

 20-28  66th meeting of the International Whaling Commission
International Whaling Commission
Portorož, Slovenia

 21-23  India for Animals Conference
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)
Mumbai, India 

   21    Reptile Awareness Day

 22-30  9th Annual Pennsylvania Week for the Animals
Animal World USA
Pennsylvania, USA

   23    Pet CPR & First Aid Training
Pasadena, California, USA

 25-28  Annual Meeting of OIE Regional and Sub-Regional Representatives
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
Paris, France

   27    Live with the Animal Legal Defense Fund: Ag-gag discussion
Animal Legal Defense Fund

   29    National Cat Day


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