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May 2017


   5    Scientists Center for Animal Welfare IACUC Training Workshops
Scientists Center for Animal Welfare
College Park, Maryland, USA

 5-7  The Rethinking Animals Summit
Thinking Animals United
New York, New York, USA

 4-6  Zoos and Aquariums as Welfare Centres: Ethical Dimensions and Global Commitment
Center for Zoo Animal Welfare
Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

   7    PuppyUp Madison
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

 7-10  8th International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses: Focusing on Emerging and Transboundary Infectiou Diseases"
American Humane Association
Manhattan, Kansas

 7-13  Be Kind to Animals Week
American Humane Association

 9-12  Animal Care Expo 2017
Humane Society of the United States
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

 10-11  AWIC Workshop: Meeting the Information Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act
Beltsville, Maryland, USA

 11-12  Workshop on Animal Agriculture from the Middle East to Asia
Harvard South Asia Institute
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

 11-13  Human and Nonhuman Animals: Minds and Morals
ECOM Research Group
Mansfield, Connecticut, USA

 13-21  Texas Week for the Animals
Animal World USA
Texas, USA

 16-19  JRC Summer School on Alternative Approaches for Risk assessment - The Path from Science to Protection of Human Health and the Environment
The European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing
Ispra, Italy

   19    Deadline for submission of documents for the 29th meeting of the Animals Committee (AC29)

 20-21  The Reducetarian Summit
The Reducetarian Foundation
New York, New York, USA

   21    Dash for the Dogs
Animal House Shelter
Barrington, Illinois, USA

 21-27  Animal Rhetorics
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indianan, USA

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