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Crete Animal Welfare Group

The Crete Animal Welfare Group (CAWG) started as an animal shelter, but this soon filled up - as rehoming potential in Crete is limited (sadly, most Greeks prefer pedigree dogs - designer accessories!). The new activities of CAWG include education and advocacy, as well as selected projects that have the potential to make a sustainable impact.

CAWG already undertakes a number of really useful practical projects, including:

Donkey outreach to improve the welfare of working equines in remote areas of the island by providing the local and usually elderly owners with a service essential to their livelihood. This includes visits with veterinarians and farriers to rural areas to provide treatments, humane bridles, and education.

Subsidised neutering project to prevent the problem of stray dogs and unwanted puppies at the source. CAWG offers 50% of the cost for neutering and free micro chipping to dog owners on the island of Crete. WSPA is providing all the support and advice needed for this project.

Cat cafés aimed to humanely stabilize the stray cat population and provide veterinary treatment for those in need of it. Cafés are designated feeding areas on hotel and business grounds for stray cats. This project ensures higher welfare standards while providing a service to the community and the business. The scheme aims to keep everyone happy - guests/customers who like cats, guests who dislike cats, and, of course the owner.

CAWG has also started carrying out campaigns, amongst others against circuses with animals and battery eggs. The latter was started recently. The former has already met with some success (councils not allowing circuses onto their land). They also carry out some educational work in local schools and are planning to extend this work.

Please visit the Crete Animal Welfare Group Web site for more info.

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